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Tanner Richards

Owner, Operations Manager
Ninjastics Program Director

615-369-3547 ext 212

Coach Tanner, aka. Coach T, started his gymnastics career as a youngster, competing from age 6 - 12. Coach T started coaching at age 15. He then took a break from coaching to pursue higher education, receiving a BA with Honors in Theology at Belfast Bible College in Northern Ireland.

Coach T returned to the gym in 2012 to coach and help dad (Coach Tim) in the business operations of Let It Shine Gymnastics. Coach Tanner has coached in almost all of our recreational gymnastics, competitive gymnastics and special event programs.

Coach T is married with 3 beautiful daughters and loves travelling with them, especially to Maine.

Personal skill you use the most: Listening

​Best Piece of Advice: "Son, fear the Lord our God and love the Godhead with all of your being, and then lead your family by serving." - From my father

Favorite Quote:

"Aujourd'hui n'est pas la fin; car la vie est une rose, avec des pétales et des épines ensemble. Les deux le rendent complet. Alors nous chercherons la paix, et partager la lumière du Christ. "

Translation: "Today is not the end; for life is a rose, with petals and thorns. The two make it complete. So we shall seek The Peace, and share the light of Christ."

Tanner Richards
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