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We  proudly offer gymnastics specifically designed for children 3-5 years old.  These classes are carefully designed to help your little athlete promote overall body awareness including basic motor skills, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and an overall foundation of agility and athleticism!  

Morning Program Director: Natalie Owen

Evening Program Director: Madison Bowersox

Pre-recreational Gymnastics

The Pre-recreational class is a very exciting time as it is the first time the child is away from their parents in a class setting. This hour long, co-ed class is broken into 4 rotations every week. These rotations include floor, trampoline, a technique station and the event of the week. The event of the week rotates between Vault, Bars and the Balance Beam. These fun classes teach the vital skills of balance, coordination, body awareness, and movement education. While also building strength, flexibility, and self-esteem.

Our Pre-Rec classes focus on important life skills children need to learn like following direction, taking turns, and forming positive relationships with their peers and instructors. Our Pre-Rec coaches are trained to interact in a fun and exciting way so that your child has a positive class experience! We use equipment and circuits geared to teach and develop skills necessary to advance in gymnastics! Your little gymnast will get introduced to all the aspects of gymnastics including bars, beam, floor, trampoline, and vault in a fun and creative way! Morning and evening classes are available to fit your schedule.


Basic Skills & Concepts


  • Jumping with two feet together

  • Practicing proper landing technique

  • Learning how to jump and dive forward roll on a mat


  • Pulling knees to chest

  • Holding chin above the bar

  • Developing grip strength


  • Balance while walking forward, backward, and sideways

  • Promotes proper posture

  • Stepping and jumping over objects


  • Forward/ Backward rolls

  • Handstands

  • Cartwheels


  • Trampoline safety

  • Air-awareness

  • Jump positions

Additional Information

Clothing Attire

In an effort to maximize your child’s experience during classes, we ask that your child wear either a leotard or snug athletic clothes. No jeans, loose shirts, or dangle jewelry. We also ask for their hair to be pulled back. All of these requests are for the safety of your child.

Class Pricing

Please visit our tuition and fees page for more information. 


What is Preschool Invitational?

This is a class for kids who are ready to be challenged more. In the Preschool Invitational class, your gymnast will learn to work independently on their basic skills. These skills build the foundation needed to work on more advanced skills. To enroll in the invitational class, your gymnast must be Invited for the class by a director or head coach. 


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