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Homeschool Gymnastics & Sport Classes

Our Homeschool classes are designed with our homeschool families in mind.  These class are for children ages 6 and up,  and provide an enriching environment to explore gymnastics concepts and physical activity, while meeting and making friends with other homeschool families!  

Our homeschool gymnastics curriculum has been carefully developed for each level and age group.  Athletes are monitored and evaluated for progress, ensuring each child is kept appropriately challenged and feeling confident about their participation as a gymnast.


Here at Let It Shine our goals for your child reach far outside the walls of our facility. We aim to construct an environment where our athletes are not only stewarding their talents but becoming more well rounded individuals in the process.  

Our Homeschool Programs include:  Beginner's and Intermediate Gymnastics, Ninja/Sport's Fitness Class,  our Flips and Tricks class for kids ages 10 and up, and our Homeschool Open Play on select Fridays

Program Director: Jackie Yount

Homeschool Classes

What is Homeschool Gymnastics?

This is a Co-Ed class designed to teach basic through advanced gymnastics skills and progressions in a fun and safe environment.  In these classes the athletes will experience all of the Olympic events, such as Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Rings, Parallel Bars and Tumbling. They will also include the Trampoline and other fun activities. They focus on building strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. 

Homeschool Beginner Gymnastics

At this level, the gymnast is learning the basic fundamentals and proper skill progression.  Gymnasts will work toward the following skills: 

  • On the floor: backward & forward rolls, handstand, bridges, Cartwheel,

  • On the bars:  assisted pullover, back hip circles, glide swings, upper body and grip strength

  • On the beam: proper posture, balance, confidence, and learning beam terminology.

  • On the vault: agility, hurdling and proper use of spring board for vaulting 

  • On the trampoline:  Air awareness, trampoline safety, position jumps, combination jumps and assisted flips

Homeschool Intermediate Gymnastics

After mastering the basic fundamental gymnastics skills taught in the Beginner Class. Your gymnast will expand upon the basics and apply them to more challenging gymnastics skills.  Your athlete will experience a fast paced environment with learning to combine and connect skills, while focusing on form and strength.

Sports Fitness Class

This is a 2 part class:   Half of the class is designed to be a physical fitness class experiencing multiple sports and athletic activities. The rest of the time is spent utilizing our fun and exciting Ninja Warrior obstacle courses. 

Flips and Tricks Class:

This class is for athletes ages 10 to 18. There is no skill requirement.  We will meet your athlete where they are at while teaching fun trampoline and tumbling skills in a safe environment with a highly experienced coaching staff comfortable with spotting older athletes. 


Homeschool Open Play

This open play is geared towards children ages 7 and up. Siblings and friends younger are welcome to join in the fun.  A parent is required to be present on the floor with all children ages 9 and under.   This is an open gym format where athletes can play on the gym equipment.   Check our calendar for schedule


Program Information

Clothing Attire

In an effort to maximize your child’s experience during classes, we ask that your child wear a leotard or snug athletic clothes. No jeans, loose shirts, or dangle jewelry. We also ask for their hair to be pulled back. All of these requests are for the safety of your child.

Class Pricing

Please visit our tuition and fees page for more information. 

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