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Pre Teams


Pre Teams for
Women's Development Gymnastics

Inside each pre team class (Hot Shots, Devo, Mighty Mites) gymnasts learn drills and skills as an introduction to the competitive levels.  Each skill is progressive in nature and will be taught with proper technique and with the intent that each gymnast will compete all the skills within a routine on each event in levels to come. 

The importance of this program is to make sure that competitive gymnastics is the goal and path that the gymnast is wanting to pursue and that they have what it takes physically and mentally to compete.  

Pre Team Placement: Dependent upon age and skill level, gymnasts will be placed within the Hot Shots, Devo, or Mighty Mites practice programs.

Women's Compulsory Gymnastics Team Director: Kyra Upshur

Men's Developmental Programs

Because we offer a Ninjastics Program that is not specific to competitive gymnastics events, we offer a boys beginner class for those showing interest and boys pre-team for developmental training towards Men's Compulsory Gymnastics.

Men's Gymnastics Team Director: Jack Lee

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