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Parent/Child Gymnastics

The Parent Child Program is Coach assisted and Parent led.  Coaching Staff is there to provide direction and suggestions on how to get the most out of your time with your child.  The Parent Child Program is designed to allow children the freedom to experience and explore their environment at their own pace.  The Tiny Tumble Gym is a space that is designed just for them at their age and stage of physical and emotional development.  Parent participation is required in this program.

Program Director: Kelly Boshers

Explore and Play With Your Child

There is nothing better than seeing your little one light up with a smile, as they swing on ropes, climb obstacles, jump on trampolines, and play games. Curiosity will be their guide as they explore countless avenues and activities, all within a safe and constructive environment. 

In this program, children will:

  • Participate in a series of stations in a particular order with the goal of being able and willing to complete the series 3 times by age 3. 

  • Learn to take direction from a coach versus a parent

  • Develop relational skills with their peers

  • Explore the concepts of sharing and taking turns


12 months – 35 months

Location: Parent/Child classes are held at the Tumble Gym in our Tiny Tumblers room. 

3.29 PT-10.jpg

Phone Policy

Phone calls, face time, & social media browsing are not permitted during class time.

For the safety of your child and others in the gym, please respect our phone policy. 

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