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Combining ninja warrior activities with fundamental gymnastics exercises, athletes will experience a well-rounded fitness practice.  Some obstacles are directly based off the American Ninja Warrior show, while others are a combination of fitness and obstacle training:  The Warped Wall, Rope and Ring Swing, Cargo Net, Teeter Totter, CannonBall Alley, etc.

Program Director: Tanner Richards

Class Info

Gymnastics stations will include our Trampolines, Tumble Track and introductory training on a variety of gymnastics apparatus to enhance core strength, balance and agility. 

General fitness training (pull ups, squat jumps, push-ups, etc) are often a part of the practices. 

The goal of this program is to have a blast with challenging obstacles courses, strength and conditioning, and practicing fundamental gymnastics flips and tricks.  Athletes will be divided into groups by skill and age containing 6-8 athletes.  The ninjastics program is co-ed for ages 6-12 and for ages 4-6 in our Little Ninjas classes.

Location: Little Ninjas & Ninjastics classes are held in our Main Gym.

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