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Welcome to the Let It Shine Girls Recreational Gymnastics Program, also known as Girls Rec, serving girls age 6-13. Gymnastics serves as the heart and foundation of our company. We believe no matter the age, initial capability, or length of commitment, every child can thoroughly benefit from participating in this phenomenal sport.

Program Director: Kaili Wessels

What is Girls Rec Gymnastics?

These classes are designed to teach basic through advanced gymnastics skills and progressions in a fun and safe environment. They focus on building strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. In these classes the athletes will experience all of the Olympic events, such as Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise. They will also include the Trampoline and other fun activities.


Our recreational gymnastics curriculum has been carefully developed for each level and age group, providing the perfect balance of merriment and skill acquisition. Athletes are monitored and evaluated for progress, ensuring each child is kept appropriately challenged and feeling confident about their participation as a gymnast. Our classes are designed to serve an array of dexterity: ranging from the newest beginner, to the impressively advanced.

Here at Let It Shine our goals for your child reach far outside the walls of our facility. We are always aiming to construct an environment where our athletes are not only stewarding their talents but becoming more successful young ladies in the process. Come join in the fun by enrolling in a class today!

Girls Rec Gymnastics classes are located in the Main Gym.


Program Information

Clothing Attire

In an effort to maximize your child’s experience during classes, we ask that your child wear a leotard or snug athletic clothes. No jeans, loose shirts, or dangle jewelry. We also ask for their hair to be pulled back. All of these requests are for the safety of your child.

Class Pricing

Please visit our tuition and fees page for more information. 

Girls Rec Levels

Beginner Girls Rec

At this level, the gymnast is learning the basic fundamentals and proper skill progressions. Learning proper progressions will ensure your child’s success as she progresses in the sport. The gymnast will need to master specific skills in order to move up to a higher level. Below are the skill progressions required to advance in the Girls Rec Program.

Intermediate Girls Rec

After learning the basic fundamental gymnastics skills taught in the Beginner Girls Rec Class, the next level is the Intermediate Class. In the Intermediate Class, the gymnast will expand upon the basic skills and apply them to more challenging gymnastics skills. The skills required for your child to participate in the Intermediate Class are listed below.


  • Bridge on the floor with one leg up in the air

  • Back handspring over a barrel with limited spot

  • Round off rebound


  • Pullover on spiderman wall with no spot

Advanced Girls Rec

The final level in Girls Recreational is the Advanced Class. In the Advance Class, gymnasts will experience a fast paced environment with learning to combine and connect skills, while focusing on form and strength. Listed below are the skills required for your child to partake in an Advanced Class.


  • Back handspring over a barrel

  • Running round off rebound onto a mat

  • Bridge kick-over with feet on a mat

  • Handstand forward roll onto a wedge


  • Pullover with limited spot

  • Back hip circle with limited spot

  • Sole circle dismount or straddle dismount


What's Next?

Is your child ready to start showcasing the skills she has worked so hard to perfect? Here at Let It Shine, we offer three different options for your child to compete and showcase their gymnastics skills. For more information about our competitive teams, please contact the director of that particular program.

Shining Stars Team
(Competitive Rec Team)
Director: Christin Preston

615-369-3547 Ext. #327

USAG Compulosry Team
Evaluation Director: Natalie Owen

615-369-3547 Ext. #210

USAG Xcel Team

Director: Megan Slowey

USAG Trampoline & Tumbling Team
Director: Courtney Loe

615-369-3547 Ext. #316

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