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The Office - The Little Shop - One in the same!

Just inside the front door of our Main Gym is our Office and The Little Shop. Please come on in and our friendly staff will be able to assist you with any questions you have about your classes, new enrollments, or any programs at Let It Shine Gymnastics.

Stop in to enroll in the upcoming Parent's Night Out or the next Back Handspring clinic. But while your there, you can take a few moments to look around and maybe shop a little! Save yourself a trip to the mall or grab a quick gift for a friend.

The Little Shop started out as a simple pro-shop, many years ago with mostly leotards for sale and a few other items. But over the years we discovered it was an opportunity to help our busy families save a step or two in their daily tasks! We have grown and changed to respond to the needs of our families and try to provide a fun and unique shopping experience.

We love offering products that you love but also shares love with others, such as our Thistle Farms line of products. Made in Nashville, Thistle Farms helps to heal, empower and employ women survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction. Best sellers include body lotion, Lip balm, essential oils and the lavender linen spray! In the spring and summer you can't beat their all natural bug spray!

Stop in to say Hi! We would love to see you.


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