Gym Closures: 5th week and Holiday closings

Updated: May 6

Let It Shine Gymnastics will be open for classes except for the following dates.

The following is a list of Closure Dates for Let It Shine Gymnastics. Makeup classes only offered when 4 classes are not available and built in makeups are not available, see notes.

March 15, 16, 17 (5th week, closed for classes, open for camp)

April 15, 16 (5th week)

May 30, 31 (5th week)

June 1, 2 (5th week)

July 1, 2 (5th week)

July 4th (holiday - built in makeup 8/1)

August 2, 3 (5th week, closed for classes only, open for camp)

August 4 (closed for classes only, built in makeup 9/1)

August 5 (closed for cleaning, no camp/classes, makeup will be offered)

September 2 (Labor day closing, 5th week)

September 3 (Labor day closing, built in makeup 10/1)

September 5 (Labor day closing, built in makeup 10/3)

Nov. 22- 26 (Thanksgiving week closing)

Dec. 19 - 24 (Christmas Holiday Closing)

Dec. 26 - 31 (Christmas Holiday Closing)

We rarely close for weather, however if we do close we will notify our families by Email, Facebook, Instagram, Push notifications on the app and News Channel 4 Snowbird Report.

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