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Gym Closures: 5th week and Holiday closings

Updated: Jan 16

Let It Shine Gymnastics will be open for classes except for the following dates.

The following is a list of Closure Dates for Let It Shine Gymnastics in 2023. Makeup classes only offered when 4 classes are not available and built in makeups are not available, see notes.

March 15 (5th week closing)

March 16 (5th week closing)

April 7 (Built in Makeup 3/17)

April 8 (5th week closing)

May 29 - June 2 (5th week closing)

July 1 (5th week, 4th of July Holiday closing)

July 3 (5th week, 4th of July Holiday closing)

July 4 (4th of July Holiday closing, built in makeup 8/1)

August 3, 4 (5th week closing)

August 4 (closed, built in makeup 9/1)

August 5 (closed, built in makeup 9/2)

September 4 (Labor Day closing, built in makeup 10/30)

October 31 (5th week closing)

November 22-25 (Thanksgiving Holiday closing, Makeups only for 11/24 and 11/25)

We rarely close for weather, however if we do close we will notify our families by Email, Facebook, Instagram, Push notifications on the app and News Channel 4 Snowbird Report.

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