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Dear Let It Shine Families,

We know this past week has been full of confusion and uncertainty for many of you, as it has been for us.  We thank you for your patience and support as we continue to navigate our way through COVID-19. We have been meeting around the clock with internal and external resources, all in an effort to make the most sound decisions for our families, our employees, and the community at large.  We won’t deny that this has been trying on all of us; our staff members, our leadership, and the community as a whole.  We would be foolish to think it wasn’t just as trying for you as you try to make informed decisions for your family.  We thank you for walking through this with us and for your patience through it all.

Classes: After a lot of thought and deliberations we have come to the conclusion that as of today, March 16th through March 31st.   Let It Shine will be cancelling all classes. Any changes to this decision will be communicated via email and Facebook for the coming week.  This includes all class programs and birthday parties. We will resume normal operations as soon as possible and will keep you updated frequently.  

Please stick with us!  We will make sure your family gets to fully utilize all tuition paid.  We will have unlimited make-up classes to be used through July for all ACTIVE families.  We will offer ways to thank YOU, our members for being here with us when this passes. We will be here for you!  Please be here for us! When this passes, we will host the biggest Thank You you ever did see!

Camps:  We will continue to operate VERY SMALL camps for our working families.  We have members of the health care system, grocery store employees and other essential employees with work obligations and childcare needs.  We ask that you only enroll in camp if your job is essential to the safety and health of our community. HOWEVER, we are making the following changes.  We have the fortunate ability to have over 60,000 square feet to spread out.  We will spread out. We are creating activities that space the kids out as much as possible.   All water fountains will be closed. Please bring your own water bottles. We will have pitchers and cups available which will be filled with water as well.  Pizza will not be served on Fridays. Our foam pits will not be used until further notice. We will have hand washing and hand sanitizing many times throughout the day.  If your child shows any signs of sickness, they will be sent home immediately. Do not send your child if they have any sniffles, sore throats or a cough of any kind. We will not allow them to stay.  

The Let It Shine leadership team will continue to assess this situation with the CDC and TDH and is looking forward to returning to normal operations.

Thank you all for your support and grace as we work through this unprecedented time in our nation.


Let It Shine Gymnastics Management Team