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September Mission: SUPPLY DRIVE St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

September St. Jude Supply Drive 

Last September Let It Shine partnered with St.Jude to help support by running with them in their 5K race, and in addition helped raised over $2000. 

This September we will be collecting supplies to donations to help stock their hospital playrooms, and providing gifts to patients.

*You can drop off at either building in the designated supply drop offs located in the main entrance*


Please Note:  

All items must be brand new and come from a pet and smoke-free environment. 

AVOID stuffed animals, food, toy guns, candy, sand, clay, dolls made of cloth, balloons, porcelain dolls, VHS movies, soap-bubbles mixtures, and any items with fabric. 

Please do NOT gift wrap the donated items. 


Everyday Wish List 

  • Paint and paint brushes (including college type) 
  • Canvases 
  • Regular poker cards 
  • Journals for adults and teens 
  • Items for teen boys (earbuds, car model kits, etc.) 
  • Teen style art kits 
  • Small toddler/infant toys for boys and girls 
  • Nail polish/ nail polish kits and nail polish remover pads 
  • Make-up 
  • Playdoh brand play dough (no accessories) 
  • Uno cards 
  • Legos for older kids including for girls (Bionicles are very popular with the boys) 
  • Construction paper 
  • Crayola markers 8 and 10 count 
  • Crayola 8 count crayons 
  • Super Hero action figures like Batman, Spiderman, Ninja Turtle, Transformers, etc. 
  • College type sketch pads 
  • Clothes for Barbie dolls 
  • International calling cards 
  • Velvet art (Fuzzy posters)