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Little Shiners is now Parent's Day Out!

Parent's Day Out is a casual day time care program for potty trained 3, 4 and 5 year old children.  Participation is limited to 2 days per week.  This is program provides kindergarten readiness, social skills, problem solving, bible time,  fun & games, and arts & crafts!


We are a group of friends who respect the guidance of our adult leaders while having fun with our peers. We respect one another's opinions, ideas and learning styles. We respect each other's space while communicating our own ideas, emotions, and preferences. All of this is done with an overlay of the lessons Jesus taught us. Children are able to experience Dramatic play, manipulatives, Art and Sensory Activities in addition to activity time in Let It Shine's gym! That's not all! We also have an instructional class in gymnastics each morning.

Monday - Friday 9am-3pm
(Walk-in acceptance is based on availability but not guaranteed)
Enrolled 1 Day $140
Enrolled 2 Days $240
Drop-In WITH Reservation $45
Drop-In WITHOUT Reservation $55


(Reservation deadline is before closing the day before)