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January Mission of the Month

For the month of January, we are collecting donations for Hands for Jesus Christian School in Guaimaca, Honduras.  For the past two summers, members of our staff have traveled to Honduras to volunteer and work with Hands for Jesus School for a week in June.  They work with the teachers, teach PE, and SHINE up the school which is located in an old gas station building.  Please stop by the Facebook page for Hands For Jesus and you may see pictures of some of your coaches serving last summer.  If you feel led, please see the flyer in the gym or stop by the front office for a list of small and simple supplies that are much needed at the school. 

Classroom Needs:

Duct tape Sticky tack Pre-Sharpened Pencils
Black Sharpies Highlighters Pack of Color Sharpies
Dry Erase Markers Markers  Crayons
Color Pencils White Paper Certificate Paper
Laminate Paper Playdough Glue (stick or elmers)

Teacher Needs:

Small Dollar Tree Plastic Basket Writing Journal
Ozark Trail flashlight set with batteries Shampoo / Conditioner
Scented Lotion Eye drops
Toothpaste / Tooth brush Washcloths
Comb Bar Soap


Student Needs:

Adult size toothbrush / toothpaste Small bouncy ball
Ozark Trail flashlight set with batteries Washcloths
Baloons  Rulers
Color Pencils Pencils
Crayons Matchbox / Hotwheel cars
Coloring Books Small doll - 6" or less
Combs pony tail holders / headband