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Enrichment Classes at Let It Shine are tons of fun and an excellent way to supplement your child's homeschool education in a fun and unique environment!  REGISTER NOW!!

Class Descriptions

Beginning Phonics, ages 4-6, Offered Mondays 11:00 - 11:50

This class will reinforce letter and sound recognition through hands-on activities, music, and games.  Phonics skills include letter names, letter sounds, beginning/middle/ending sounds, segmenting, blending, rhyming, and sight words.  No prerequisite required.


Exploring America, ages 7-10, Offered Mondays 11:00 - 11:50

Take a trip around the US as we explore different regions and states through games, songs, and activities!  This class will incorporate Exploring the 50 States from Knowledge Box Central. *Not designed to be a complete curriculum.


Art Techniques, ages 4-7, Offered Thursday 10:00-10:50

Each part of the year has special aspects to appreciate.  Students will engage in art based on themes of the season using a variety of materials.


Art Techniques, ages 8-10, Offered Thursday 11:00 - 11:50

Students will learn techniques using great master artists as mentors while being encouraged in their individual creativity.  This class will work with various mediums including acrylics, oil pastels, markers, chalk, and watercolors.  


STEM Fun, ages 4-7 Offered Thursday 11:00 - 11:50

Students will identify a problem after reading a story and then engineer a solution using science, technology, engineering, and/or math.  A variety of materials will be used to stimulate creativity and encourage group learning.


STEM Fun, ages 8-10, Offered Thursday 10:00 - 10:50

This course is designed to educate students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics as cohesive learning based on real world problems.  A lesson or unit will be based around finding a solution to a real world problem and emphasize project-based learning.


FLEX (drop off open play) offered Monday, Thursday, Friday 12:00PM - 3:00PM

  • $30/day drop in
  • $100/month 
  • $80/month when added to an Enrichment class
  • Students will have a snack break (student provided) and participate in active time in the gym, group games, and outside time as weather permits. 







Enrichment Classes

$50/month for one class, $40 each additional class


$100/month (per day)

Membership Fee

$50 (if not current)

Add FLEX to any Enrichment Enrollment

$80/month (per day)