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THANK YOU to our health care workers for ongoing endeavors, and THANK YOU to everyone who has and continues to work together by adjusting normal life activities with the shared goal of combating this pandemic. We would not have made it this far without everyone's willingness to play an important role. We are excited, to say the least, with the phased reopening of businesses for the nation at large and our facility specifically.


Listed below are some key changes and practices we have highlighted expecting LIS staff and families to respect.


Active Sanitation Measures:

* LIS has invested in an air filtration system to deactivate bioaerosols and decrease surface sanitation accumulation.

* With the use of a commercial grade fogging machine, LIS is dispersing a hospital grade disinfectant inside of the facilities, effectively cleaning mats and key touch points.

* Employees will continue mat and equipment disinfecting throughout each day.

* Closure of our public water fountains. Athletes are encouraged to bring individual hydration methods.

* Hand sanitizer will be offered before and after class.

* If symptomatic, LIS employees are advised to remove themselves from the workplace and not return until 24 hours fever free.  If symptoms warrant, they will be required to get tested

Facility and Observation Measures:

*No congregating in our lobbies. Bleachers will be marked accordingly for seating and social distancing.

* As able and age-sensitive, DROP OFF athletes at the parking lot crosswalk, in lieu of walking inside. An LIS door greeter will be positioned to welcome in athletes.

* Limit of one guest/adult inside to accompany athletes.

* Our stairwells in the 1892 building will be up one side and down the other.  This will be clearly marked