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ME TIME CAMP for Children Age 2 

Me-Time Camp offers you as a parent, exactly what it says: ME TIME! Whether you need to make an appointment, run errands without a stroller, or just need to take a nap; Me-Time Camp makes it possible for mom or dad to tend to the things so often overlooked when having a little one around. Don’t worry though, your little one will be far too busy having fun to even notice you’re away! They will spend time playing in our Tiny Tumblers area which is full of fun and developmental equipment like tiny trampolines, mats, and slides, as well as spend time playing outside on our playground and sandbox.


For SUMMER Me-Time Camp, please send child in swimsuit with sunscreen already applied.

Call to reserve a spot today!

WHEN: Tuesdays and Fridays @ 9:00am - 12:00pm

COST: $30 with reservation / $35 for walk-in (when space allows)

WHAT TO BRING: One bag, packed with the following:

(Please label each item with your child’s first AND last name)

Packed lunch


Extra clothes


Wet wipes

Blanket (**towel for SUMMER Me-Time Camp**)

Space is limited - reservation strongly suggested, call our office to make reservations. 615-369-3547