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DIRECTOR: Ben Satterfield
This unique class is geared for students wanting an upper hand on cheerleading tryouts, or anyone who just wants to tumble without learning bars, beam, or vault.  Cheerleading & Tumbling incorporates  our tumble track, various mats, and spring floors to help fine tune techniques.  Students are taught everything from cartwheels to round-off-back-handsprings with twisting flips. Call the office to find out more about how your child can try a class.


     Intro To Tumbling
  • There are no requirments to be in this class. Just come and have fun learning to tumble and start building up your skills for the upper level classes   


Intermediate Class:

  • Handstand forward roll
  • handstand bridge
  • one-arm cartwheel
  • running round-off
  • backhandspring (with no spot)  on tumble track & wedge mat
     Advance Class:
  • all of the above
  • standing 2 back handsprings
  • round-off 2 backhandsrpings
     Elite Class:
  • all of the above
  • standing back tuck (No Spot on the floor, off a mat)
  • standing backhandspring back tuck (on wedge mat or floor) 
  • round-off backhandspring back tuck
  • round-off backhandspring layout