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DIRECTOR: Ben Satterfield
This exciting class is geared for students who want an upper hand in tumbling for all levels, and for all forms of acrobatics. This is perfect for anyone who is wanting to construct new skills, or fine tune the ones they currently have. Whether you are hoping to prepare for a part in your school's new musical, learn a new skill to perform at half time, or just possess an overall interest in learning how to tumble, this class offers the skills necessary to succeed in all gymnastics' forums. Students are taught strong basics, beginning with handstands and forward rolls, and continue on to much more difficult and progressive tumbling skills, such as arabians, and double-fulls. Please call the office to find out more about how your child can become a part of this energetic and fun program! Try a class today!
The BEGINNERS Class is focused on teaching the correct forms, basic strength and the necessary flexibiliy needed to effectively perform various skills.  These include learning safe forward and backward rolls, a solid handstand, a proper cartwheel and a powerful round-off. It is within our beginners course curriculum, children learn the imperative fundamentals needed to move onto more advanced tumbling.
The INTERMEDIATE Class is focused on furthering children's ability to powerfully perform both standing and running tumbling.  Our intermediate curriculum revolves around the progression of their round-off into the back handspring. Along side this running tumbling pass we will also focus on their ability to confidently perform their standing back handspring and work toward multiple back handsprings.
The ADVANCED Class is focused on taking their strong standing and running tumbling passes beyond the back handspring onto the back tuck. It is here we will also develop front and side aerials, front handsprings, and front tucks.
The ELITE Class is reserved for advanced tumblers who are ready to begin learning layouts, fulls, double fulls and arabians, as well as tumbling in and out of these progressions. This class is also a vehicle to cultivate creativity for the individual, using their unique capabilities and strengths.