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Tanner Thomas Richards
Ninjastics Program Director; Facility Manager


Favorite Quote: "Aujourd'hui n'est pas la fin; car la vie est une rose, avec des pétales et des épines ensemble. Les deux le rendent complet. Alors nous chercherons la paix, et partager la lumière du Christ. "  

Translation: "Today is not the end; for life is a rose, with petals and thorns. The two make it complete. So we shall seek The Peace, and share the light of Christ."

Hometown: Franklin, TN

Birthday:  August 6th

Personal Skill You Use the Most: Listening

Best Piece of Advice You’ve Received: "Son, fear the Lord our God and love the Godhead with all of your being, and then lead your family by serving." - From my father. 

Favorite Things: I enjoy travelling with my wife, especially to Maine! And I love eating sushi with my girls - especially at our beloved local restaurant here in Cool Springs, Fuji Sushi. 

Background / Experience:  I was a competitive gymnast from age 5-12. Subsequently worked at Let it Shine as a gymnastics instructor from age 15. I graduated from Centennial High School; BA Honors in Theology from Belfast Bible College in Northern, Ireland. I also enjoy substitute teaching.