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We at Let It Shine strive to serve others through God's ministry here in the gym. However, Jesus calls us to be disciples and spread His work to the ends of the earth. Matthew 28:16-20

Join us on our journey as we spread God's word and Love throughout the community, nation, and the world. We would love to have you a part of the Let It Shine family, in person, thoughts,

and prayer. God Bless You!


Show Hope is a ministry that enables individuals and communities to change the world for orphans by not only addressing a child’s need for food, shelter, care, and spiritual nourishment, but by also addressing the root issue for an orphan: the lack of a family.
Mercy's Hope is a international organization which exists to share God's love in mercy with hop to the orphaned and underprivileged of Ukraine and throught the world. The purpose of Mercy's Hope is to demonstrate the Father heart of God through estabilshing and building relationships by loving, caring, and helping each to live a reedemed, hope-filled and productive life through the freedom found in Jesus Christ.