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As a parent, you have done a great service to your child in allowing them the opportunity to take gymnastics! Whether your child is 12 months, 3 years, or 13 years old, enrolling children in this sport has invaluable results. Throughout its presence in the greater Nashville community, Let It Shine has had the privilege of seeing thousands of athletes benefit on multiple levels due to their participation in gymnastics. Various activities implemented throughout our exercise curriculums develop a wide range of areas that benefit your child in and beyond the gymnastics facility– physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. The following list highlights some of the benefits from participating in gymnastics here at Let It Shine:

 Flexibility and Strength:

Flexibility decreases the risk of injuries and can increase speed and strength. In light of these benefits, Let It Shine begins all classes with a period of stretching and flexibility exercises. Because each gymnastics skill requires some degree of muscle aptitude, all curriculums incorporate various stations to cultivate upper-body, core, and lower-body strength – profiting your child’s involvement in any sport.    


Fitness activities have a direct impact on children’s physical, mental, and emotional health. And in a day and age when obesity among our youth is a prevalent issue, fitness on a weekly – if not daily – basis is extremely valuable for staying healthy. So, if you and your family believe that fitness is important, then you have picked the right place for bringing your child.    


Using innovative equipment in a state-of-the-art facility, Let It Shine provides gymnasts with the appropriate setting for learning how to flip, flop, and fall the safest way possible as they train their skills and routines. This is important for children to work on and results in a safer and more knowledgeable athlete.


This is vital for children to develop as they mature as students and athletes. Throughout their classes, coaches have set rules to observe and instructions for children to follow during practice. Gymnastics offers a safe environment to improve their self-discipline.  

Recreational and Developmental Program Options:

Let It Shine has had years to develop its recreational programs to best suit families in the surrounding community. Our facility provides a safe and fun environment for children to participate recreationally in an excellent sport. Furthermore, Let It Shine offers competitive programs, within the same facility, for gymnasts who may want to develop their routines according to USAG guidelines (the national governing body for gymnastics in the US), and eventually compete in gymnastics meets. Let It Shine is equally concerned and places the same emphasis on all its programs.    


Learning to accept challenges is a great character builder. But not every student here will progress at the same rate, and the staff at Let It Shine understands that children learn in different ways and at different paces. However, building self-confidence to accomplish a goal or obtain a skill is a vital tool that coaches seek to help children understand. As gymnasts’ train new moves and reach goals, their new abilities become even more tangible and therefore increase their belief in themselves. In turn, this has positive implications for your child in the realm of education, work, relationships, and more.

Motor Skills:

Whether or not sports are of interest, developing both gross and fine motor skills is crucial for children of all ages. Due to the various equipment and exercise stations used during each practice, gymnasts can improve motor skills and muscle memory starting from a very young age as they train even the most basic gymnastics skills.   

Building Relationships:

Establishing relationships with our students to help them understand their inner worth is a top priority. Let It Shine is founded on Christian ethics and principles that reflect our faith. We believe in the holistic development of our members (spiritual, physical, mental, etc.) and subsequently see an important connection between being aware of our physical and spiritual health.

Social Skills:

Gymnastics is unique in the fact that it is very much a team sport, yet there is direct emphasis on an individual’s overall performance, as well. Students train with their peers in groups, listen to and follow directions, wait for their turn, remain in the appropriate area in the facility, and respect one another as they share equipment. Coaches help teach children of all ages to not only develop as individuals, but also how to interact with other teammates as they practice.